Lehrbeginn 2008


On the 11th August I started my apprenticeship as “Informatiker”. I had the privilege to begin at Besi, a company based in Cham. This is a report or diary as some might call it, about what I did in the first week of settling in. I have been taught the basics about IPERKA and was also given tours of both the company and the factory side of things.

First things First…

On the first day, we were introduced as a group of young apprentices. There were seven of us in total, all of us mostly shy, with the odd exception. But as a team we didn’t really fit together. This soon changed, after we learnt the rules of IPERKA.

What exactly is IPERKA?

Well, IPERKA is a very important and useful method respectively a process flow which anyone should use going about carrying out projects.
Let me start by recapping the 6 steps of IPERKA.
I → Informieren → Collecting Information
P → Planen → Planning
E → Entscheiden → Deciding
R → Realisieren → Realising
K → Kontrollieren → Controlling, Checking
A → Auswerten → Evaluating

Machines produced by Besi

There are, to my knowledge, three main High Tech Machines created by Besi. All of which I had the privileged to get to know a bit more in depth during my first few days, being involved with Besi. It's interesting to hear and at the same time to see how the mashines work. In this context it's very important to understand which tasks and workings I have as an "Informatikerin". I would like to learn anymore!

What else did I learn?

Well, bearing in mind that we only had three and a half days, in which we had to cram in as much information as possible. I have to say that I did learn a lot during this time.

I learnt about the importance of working in a team, and how to apply the IPERKA method in not just work based projects, but also how it can effect my everyday life too. I also got to have a better look at what my roll in the company was, at the standard of goals and targets that I have to set for myself and also in the long run the company too. I got a brief introduction into the working environments at Besi and what was expected of me in the school by the teachers and Besi. I was also clearly explained to, as to what the rules and regulations at the company were. How I was to behave in certain situations and even how to use a company telephone. I also learnt a new way of clearly documenting my progress, in what is known as a “Arbeitsbuch” (Work Book). Which is useful to me as when I look back at something in a few months or even years, I will still be able to understand what was going on.

Overall Opinion of the Einführungswoche

My final opinion on what happened during the first week was “superb”. I have truly never come across such a well prepared company, and the whole week was useful and not only fun (It had a “purpose”). I especially found the presentation a really good idea and the fact that we had help from older apprentices was a lovely way to get us to come out of our shells (something to break the ice). Also the Activities that we did in the woods was in my opinion a vital part of training that we as a group of people needed to do. Especially since we were all so shy and very quiet. I would have to say that those activities should be done every year. Not just the activities but also the getting to know the others in the team that you will be working with. This for my, is a very good idea. And I would like to thank all of the helpful people that went into creating such an interesting week, it has really gone towards my motivation and having such a positive impression from the company has only left me wanting to do wonderful things and prove to them that “If I can dream it, I can do it”.

Samantha Over, Informatikerin 1. Lj